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Social solidarity clinic of Peristeri

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11.1.2014 – Resolution against water privatization in Greece

From : Social Solidarity Clinic of Peristeri, Chrysolora 1 , Peristeri – Athens

Τo : Savegreekwater

Peristeri, 11/1/2014

The Social Solidarity clinic of Peristeri decided to issue & support the following resolution for non-water privatization in Greece :

– Access to water and sanitation is a human right recognized by the United Nations (resolution of 108 plenary meeting July 28, 2010 , Press Release: United Nations General Assembly A/RES/64/292 Distr.: General 3 August 2010 64th meeting Theme Layout 48 09-47935)

– Considering such as basic and fundamental human right to access  clean drinking water , adequate irrigation water and sewerage systems for citizens and sharing European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) position against the privatization of water resources, we strongly oppose on the attempt of privatization of water companies ( EYATH, EYDAP or any other companies run by municipalities )

– The operators of water resources and the water, sewerage & sanitation companies should be excluded from the policy of privatization of public entities and continue to remain under public and social control that ensure the protection of water resources and the environment , and the social character of the water.

– We express our deep concerns on covering the basic living & health conditions of citizens since we do not consider privatization of water & sanitation services a profitable occasion serving the public interest.

30.10.2013 – Dignity above all  ,Swedish member of the European Parliament  Mikael Gustafsson visiting our clinic


On Wednesday, 30th of October 2013, the support team of the Social Solidarity Clinic of Peristeri had the honor to accept the visit of Swedish member of the European Parliament Mr Mikael Gustafsson and his associate Mr Stellan Hermansson. Mr. Gustafsson is the chair of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament and a member of Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left.


We offered a short tour in the clinic and informed our Swedish friends on the structure and the operation of the social healthcare clinics and other associate health collectives. They presented extensive interest on the problems concerning public health (child malnutrition and vaccination , mental health, uninsured people with serious diseases, weakening or extinction of government public health facilities , etc.).


They expressed their intention to inform the public opinion of their country and to offer assistance in technical infrastructure and solidarity issues.

They pointed out the obvious human right to healthcare and the impact of the degradation caused by the policies imposed by Troika and memorandum.


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